Pre-Order 40% OFF: 2019 Raw Gu Shu Pu Erh Tea Cakes: Lao Ban Zhang, Bing Dao, Xi Gui & Bo He Tang

Here’s your chance to own 4 gushu (ancient tree) tea cakes from 4 different famous mountains: Lao Ban Zhang, Bo He Tang, Bing Dao & Xi Gui. The 4 cakes weight 250g each. That's 1kg of tea in total, offered at an amazing pre-order price.

Pre-order now, only 10 sets available! Shipping before: 1st of May 2020. Note: Due to a small amount available, we allow only max. 2 sets per customer.

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Note: other goods placed together with this product, will be shipped in one parcel before the 1st of May 2020.

Every single cake of this set has beautiful complex notes making it a must have collection for the connoisseur pu erh drinker. Yet, because each cake is so unique, the beautiful contrasts in flavours and aroma make it a great start for the beginning pu erh drinker.

Lao Ban Zhang (Black Wrapper)

A strong and intense raw pu erh with a powerful cha qi that delivers an almost instant mental boost. The texture is smooth and thick, and its viscousness leaves a wonderful satisfyingly sweet hui gan (after taste).

Bing Dao (Grey Wrapper)

What makes this pu erh from Bing Dao popular is its sweet character. The tea liquor is soft and smooth and it tastes has wonderful notes of rock sugar.

Xi Gui (Blue Wrapper)

They say that if you’ve tried Xi Gui pu erh, you’ll feel that all the other pu erh will have no flavour. And this may be true after all. This Xi Gui pu erh is characterised by its amazingly powerful flower aroma.

Bo He Tang (Brown Wrapper)

Experience the original raw pu erh flavour from Bo He Tang (Yiwu) with the additional touch of minty notes. One of the smoothest and 'freshest' raw ancient pu erh you’ll ever taste.

Ulteriori informazioni
Ulteriori informazioni
Tempo di infusione 3-4 minuti
Temperatura di infusione 90 °C
Grammi per 500 ml teiera 6 grammi
CT / 500 ml n/a
Anno 2019
Stagione Primavera
Contenuto di caffeina Medio
Regioni Diverso
Provincia Yunnan
Senza glutine
Nome tè in cinese 2019年古树茶
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