Dark Green Clay (Mo Luo Ni) Yixing Teapot, Dragon Theme, 300 ml

A superb teapot entirely handmade by Yixing artist Wu Rong Hua. A rare type of dark green clay (mo lu ni), which has been stored for over 30 years, is used for this teapot.

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Descrizione prodotto
  • A unique zisha teapot of which the lid, handle and spout display a dragon theme. Dragons are considered mythical creatures that symbolize nobility, luck, success and honour in Chinese culture.
  • The teapot displays hand-carved art of Chinese calligraphy and a scenic landscape.
  • Excellent 300 ml size for brewing tea the ceremonial way for up to 6 people.
  • Packed in a luxury gift box with 2 free cups.

Mo Lu Ni Teapot by Wu Rong Hua

Female tea artist Wu Rong Hua gained her first experience making Yixing teapots in a factory in the 90s. Under the guidance of experienced teachers, her talent for making Yixing teapots was quickly noticeable. Today, she’s a highly successful certified Yixing artist, crafting exceptional teapots that have become collectors’ favourites.

Ulteriori informazioni
Ulteriori informazioni
Tipologia di argilla Argilla lu ni
Contenuto 300 ml
Dimensione 8.7x15.2 cm (3.4x6 in)
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