Pre-ordine: 2020 Collezione di puer tè crudo Phoenix: Ban Zhang, Yiwu, Bingdao

2020 Primo raccolto! Una selezione premium di 3 torte di tè crude (200 g ciascuna) provenienti da tre diverse regioni del tè dello Yunnan, Cina. Pre-ordina ora, solo 20 set disponibili! Spedizione entro il 15 aprile 2020. Nota: la quantità è limitata , consentiamo max. 2 set per cliente.

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Prezzo: 90,95 €

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Descrizione prodotto

Note: other goods placed together with this product, will be shipped in one parcel before the 15th of April 2020.

In cooperation with a small boutique 'Chazhe' tea factory, we’re excited to introduce you a wonderful set of 2020 Spring raw pu erh teas from Lao Ban Zhang, Yiwu and Bingdao. Explore each tea as if you’re on an adventurous journey through Yunnan, China. Each cake has distinct flavor characteristics, and after the first sip you’ll feel reborn like a phoenix. Every single cake is beautifully wrapped in limited edition phoenix themed wrappers.

See how the tea is picked and processed inside the factory:

Wild Tea Trees

These cakes are made from the first flush harvest of wild tea trees in their respective region. These trees are near gushu grade (ancient tea trees), but in terms of quality very similar, yet available at an fraction of the price! Tea made from trees of such quality level are therefore considered to be the best investments in China.

Unique Flavors

Each cake has lots of complex flavors, making it super interesting for experience pu erh enthousiasts. Yet, it's also perfect for beginning pu erh tea drinkers due to the fact that each tea has a very distinctive taste.

What’s included:

  • 200g Lao Ban Zhang cake: Fatty leaves and buds with a strong and robust flavor and powerful cha qi (i.e. you feel a strong mental boost).
  • 200g Yiwu cake: A light, balanced and refined pu erh with a soft and smooth mouthful and the aroma of honey.
  • 200g Bingdao cake: A surprisingly sweet pu erh with a clear taste of rock sugar and a powerful hui gan (after taste). This is the sweetest tea of the set with hardly any bitterness.
Ulteriori informazioni
Ulteriori informazioni
Tempo di infusione Gaiwan / teiera yixing: 1 x sciacquare; 10s, 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s, etc
Temperatura di infusione 95 °C
Grammi per 500 ml teiera 5 grammi
CT / 500 ml n/a
Anno 2019
Stagione Primavera
Contenuto di caffeina Medio
Regioni Diverso
Provincia Yunnan
Senza glutine
Nome tè in cinese 老班章冰岛易武古树茶饼
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