Mini Clear Glass Tea Cups Set of 2, with Handle 150ml/ 5oz

A set of 2 premium glass tea cups with excellent transparency. The glasses are made with high precision and finished using the same technology to produce premium wine glasses.

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Descrizione prodotto

The product on this page consists out of 2 small glass cups (not 4 as shown on the first picture).

Small tea glass tea cups of this size are hard to find. Most mugs available today are around 500 ml (17 oz) which is too large when you rather want to serve tea in small portions. This can be for example relevant when you brew tea in a small teapot/gaiwan, which is re-steeped many times.

By serving tea in glass cups you'll be better able to appreciate the tea color. Moreover, the tea will cool down faster to a pleasant drinking temperature.

The handles make the small glass cups very cute. They'll obviously also very practical as you don't have to hold the hot cup itself

If you're a tea business, you're welcome to also order this samadoyo CP-2 glass cups in bulk. For bulk orders they can be packed per 2, 4, 6 or 8. For more information, please contact us.

Ulteriori informazioni
Ulteriori informazioni
Materiale vetro
Contenuto 150ml (5oz)
Dimensione 9.1x5.3cm (3.6x2 in)
Lavabile in lavastoviglie
Utilizzabile in microonde
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